Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Patricia Briggs Book Signing

This week I was lucky enough to make it up to Maine for a stop on the Patricia Briggs tour. As you probably know Patricia released the next book in the Alpha and Omega series on March 5th. The signing was held Monday night at Books a Million in South Portland Maine. This was the first time I had ever entered a Books a Million and have to say it was a pretty impressive store. 
The store had set aside a small area between the children's and YA books for Patrica to read for Fair Game and answer some questions. Being that this was my first time meeting Mrs Briggs I wasn't sure what exactly to expect. First off I'd like to say she is as likable as her characters from the moment you meet her. Being an author who probably spends a fair amount of time locked up with her books she is amazingly dynamic. Catching the crowd instantly with her friendly smile and genuine good humor. She spoke to each and every person there as one might speak to an old friend, making a signing feel more like an intimate gathering.

Of  course what your probably really wondering about it what kinds of questions were asked and of course what Patrica's answers were so I will try to recap them for you as best I can.

First of course someone wanted to know if we will see more Mercy Thompson novels. The short answer is yes, Patricia is under contract for a few more Mercy books as well as another in the Mercyverse. This may be another Alpha and Omega, but it may not be, it seems she wasn't too sure herself.

The next logical question was when will we see the next book? Her goal is to produce a book every nine months or so, two a year was too tough to maintain. Frost Burned will be the title of the next Mercy Novel. She also mentioned that she was hoping to put together a book of all of the short stories which take place in the Mercyverse to make it easier for readers to have them all without having to hunt around. There is also the potential of adding a few new stories to the collection as well.

A few High Fantasy fans asked if Briggs would ever return to that type of writing. Possibly, but not right now. Although she loves her High Fantasy characters and has more stories to tell with them, her focus right now is in the Mercyverse.

Since the Fay are making a larger impact than ever I asked where she got her Fay info and if she did any research. Apparently Patricia grew up with a Librarian for a mother and spent a vast amount of time reading fairy tale collections. She has also done some research online, but warns to be careful what you Google even the most innocent phrase may pop up a whole lot more than you bargained for.

She also has done research on Native American legends, telling all of us there were so many that included Coyote that she has plenty more to work with if Coyote appears again in Mercy's world. 

Some of the most interesting things Patricia had to add were during the signing portion of the night where she happily answered one on one questions but loud enough so we could all enjoy her answers. One fact I wasn't aware of was that the myth about Vampires not being able to be seen in a mirror actually started because years ago mirrors were made using a Silver backing, and legend went that since silver was a pure substance it would adversely effect creatures of the night.

I enjoyed the signing very much and would definitely recommend keeping your eye out for potential events in your area. If you enjoy any of her books or even if you haven't read a single one you should make it a point to stop and see her. Patricia Briggs is an informative Urban fantasy speaker who brings her warmth and humor with her, making an impact on all of those around her.

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  3. What a lovely opportunity. Glad you had the chance to spend some time with this author. She's one of my top 5 favorite writers. Thank you for sharing!