Monday, October 21, 2013

Comic Cons and all that fun stuff

So first off to all of my loyal followers I need to apologize. I know I have been horrifically absent the last month or so. Thats not to say I haven't been reading, I just haven't gotten around to posting anything on here worth your viewing. Hopefully November will be a better month for reviews, and I have some spotlights on Indie authors planned as well. I'll post more info as I get it.
Back tot he topic at hand. I have been lucky enough to attend 3 Comic Con's this year. Not Sand Diego sadly but still some good Con's non the less!

For those of you who don't know I am a Huge Doctor Who & Firefly Fan so my family has cosplayed a mix of both. Our most recent convention was this past weekend in Nashville TN. Since we were spending some time visiting my Mom in KY we decided to take he long way home and visit Wizard World Nashville. If you have never been to a Wizard World event I will tell you it was excellent. All of the celebrities were very friendly, the event was well organized and there were a lot of fun events going all each day.

My son and I were even lucky enough to be picked to stand up front during the opening day ribbon cutting ceremony, if I can figure out how to post the video I will. We were able to meet The Fonz Henry Winkler, Jason David Frank, The Hulk, James Marsters, Bruce Campbell and of course the immortal STAN LEE! (Who looks fantastic for 90 by the way)

We also met some fab Cosplayers who seemed to be having just as good a time as we were. Sadly I missed the Bruce Campbell Q&A but I did make it to the Doctor Who panel which was great. Plus it was a great way to check out all of the Who Cosplayers in one room!

With all the great Cosplay I could have taken hundreds of pictures. For your sake I'm just posting my favorite, and of course a few with some of the special guests.

On the way home my son was already asking when the next Comic Con will be....

EXCLUSIVE: Comic Legend Stan Lee Kicks Off Nashville Comic Con - WZTV FOX 17 - Top Stories

EXCLUSIVE: Comic Legend Stan Lee Kicks Off Nashville Comic Con - WZTV FOX 17 - Top Stories

Check us out at Comic Con Nashville, heres a hint we are dressed as The 11th Doctor and Amy Pond