Friday, March 2, 2012

Interview with Stella Cameron

Wolf Majick reviews would like to welcome  New York Times Bestselling Author Stella Cameron for a quick interview about her new  Chimney Rock Series.

Delia :Why Washington state?

Stella :Washington is the land of the “Great Gray.”  Rain, fog, wind whipping through towering stands of evergreen trees, mist over the meadows—the atmosphere is ominous.   The beautiful Northwest is a dark and mysterious place. The weather forecast is much more likely to be “rain with an occasional shower,” than “sunny with occasional showers.”  To stand still for long is to risk an outbreak of moss.  This is the perfect backdrop for paranormal tales.

Delia : What sets the Chimney Rock Series apart?

Stella : The melding of the ordinary and human with a metaphysical world that has no boundaries.  And I absolutely believe I am only constrained by the limits of my imagination—I feel no constraints.  Also, a large part of my focus is the emotional depth and development of my paranormal characters.  For me these must be as fully developed and individual as any human.

Delia : What exactly is a werehound?

Stella : There have always been sightings of unexplained creatures, usually assumed to be wolves.  The werehound has rarely been seen but again, has been mistaken for a wolf when it is really a huge hound resembling an Irish Wolfhound but much larger.  Their lore largely parallels that of the werewolf but for a longing on the part of the wolfhound to regain its humanity.  The wolfhound is not tied to the moon's cycles and shifts with far greater ease than the werewolf.

Thank you Stella for stopping by to talk about your great new series.
 You can find out more about Stella Cameron and
 her new series at her website. 

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