Monday, April 29, 2013

Jaguar Fever ~ Terry Spear

Jaguar Fever (Heart of the Jaguar, #2)Jaguar Fever by Terry Spear
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I will have to admit I was hesitant to start this series. Not because I was in doubt of how great it would be, but because I am currently working on my own cat shifter novel. As you can imagine I have been trying to avoid any other cat shifter novels just to keep out any outside influence.  Since I have read all of the Heart of The Wolf Series, even the ones on Netgalley I decided to grab this one, cat shifter or not. I was glad I did.

Jaguar shifter Maya Anderson learns about a secret jaguar society through undergournd social networking sites. She wanted to discover others like her, but now she's got more trouble than she bargained for—including one hot jaguar shifter who's set his sights on her. Wade Patterson has learned that Maya is a shifter—and available. But how does he get to know her when he left such a bad first impresssion? When he learns Maya has gone to a watering hole for jaguar shifters to meet up, he quickly follows after, hoping she is wily enough to hold her own..

My Take:
 I guess I shouldn't be surprised by how fantastic this novel was. The jaguar shifters have a fresh new feel to them with a whole set of interesting characteristics just ready to be explored. Since they are cats they are not forced to shift by the faze of the moon. There also was no mention yet about their life cycle, if the age slowly like the wolves do. I am hoping with each book Spear will build the mythology of her newest shifters.
As for the characters themselves I enjoyed them completely. The men were strong and rugged. Obviously very sexy. The female characters were equally as strong and willful. A characteristic that I have always enjoyed in  The Heart of the Wolf Series. No whiny female leads in these books. With some hot love scenes thrown in to this action packed novel it was the kind I just couldn't put down!
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Helga: Out of the Hedgelands ~ Rick Johnson

Helga: Out of the Hedgelands
by Rick Johnson

Wolf Majick Reviews is happy to host the Helga" Out of Hedgelands book blast! Special thanks to I'm a reader not a writer for running todays blast.

Summary of the novel: 
Twelve-year-old Helga has more danger in her life than most beasts her age. Wrackshee slavers after her, a vicious attack by bandits that nearly kills her, a race against dragons pursuing her, and leading a daring rebellion to save her life, and rescue friends and family, from the insidious WooZan. And that is just the beginning. But what do you expect when you are a young beast who just can’t see the stupid rules of the world making any sense? Helga can’t accept things as they are and ends up taking on not just one, but two all-powerful, supreme tyrants in two different realms. 

Helga never intended to lead a revolution. It just sort of happened because she wouldn’t go along with the “rules of normal” that keep tyrants in power and entire societies enslaved. Beginning on a dangerous quest to solve some mysteries in her own past, Helga leads her quirky comrades on a journey that will not only forever change them, but upset ancient civilizations. 

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Graveyard Child ~ Waiting on Wednesday

Graveyard Child by M.L.N Hanover 
 Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly MEM hosted by Breaking the spine 

Well I've just put my preorder in at Amazon for this one (Out April 30th) so I figured it was a perfect waiting on Wednesday post! I've just finished the fourth book in the series and now I'm on pins an needles for the next one. This series has had a slow burn kind of feel. It has now come into its own though and I can't wait to find out what happens next.

Check out the summary from Amazon: 
It’s a homecoming, of sorts, for Jayné Heller—and she wants some long-awaited answers to her past, in this fifth book in the acclaimed Black Sun’s Daughter urban fantasy series.
After years on her own, Jayné Heller is going home to find some answers. How did the powerful spirit calling itself the Black Sun get into her body? Who was her uncle Eric, and what was the grand plan to which he devoted his life? Who did her mother have an affair with, and why? And the tattoo—seriously—what was that about?
Jayné arrives during the preparations for her older brother’s shotgun wedding, but she’s not the only unexpected guest. The Invisible College has also come to town, intent on stopping the ceremony. They claim an ancient evil is threatening the child that would be Jayné’s niece, and that the Heller family has been rotten at the core for generations. The deeper Jayné looks, the more she thinks they might not be wrong. And behind them all, in the shadows of Jayné’s childhood home, a greater threat waits that calls itself the Graveyard Child...

Amazon has release day delivery so pre-order yours today. Check back later this week for my review of book four Killing Rites