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Author Interview with S.M. Blooding

Wolf Majick Reviews would like to welcome author S.M. Blooding as she stops by to talk about her novel
As Night Falls

Delia: What made you set your story so far into the future?
S.M Blooding: I did a lot of research. The crazy kind - of prophecies and theories and geological studies. The thing that got me really thinking about this, however, was when I was working with a scientist who had a grant with NOAA/NASA. He was studying the carbon levels in the atmospheres. I thought he was studying the effects of greenhouse gas and their affects on the earth, but no. He was trying to determine how the earth was affecting us. He theorized that we were helping to speed up a naturally reoccurring phenomena in the changing of the climate, not that we were destroying our planet. Okay, *hitting delete on the mouth* that we weren’t destroying our atmospheres or climate. We are destroying our planet, but that is a different topic all on its own.  

His research ultimately went to the studies of the greenhouse effect because technically we were splitting hairs about his research and what it meant, but he helped me to see the bigger picture. We could go ahead and get as technologically advanced as we would like, but we can’t beat nature. She’s a big bad planet. We’re a bug. 

So with his theories and a few others backing me, I determined that in order for the human race to evolve technologically to the level I saw in the book when Raven introduced himself to me, I figured we’d be somewhere in the 42nd century. 

*giggle* In short, I let my geek out.  

Delia: Will this be part of an ongoing series?
S.M Blooding: Yes. There’s just so much going on in this society, this time, I would have a hard time just leaving it to one book. I just hope that enough readers are interested in it to keep it going. 

What do you think makes As Night Falls stand apart?
S.M Blooding: There’s a few things. Raven is a pretty great character. He’s seen so much in his lifetime. He’s survived millenniums. That’s hard to fathom, but he just has this air to him that’s very magnetic and a little hot. 

And then there’s Becca. She’s put literally right in the middle of this mess and she’s torn between two very important people in this society, neither of which is Raven.  LOL! She somehow found herself put between the two major powers and feels a little like a rag doll. What’s neat is watching her discover this and what she does with it. She doesn’t just lay there and take it. 

Then there’s the setting.  I always find it interesting to take a look into the future and see what might happen. I think there’s a lot of readers out there who will agree. Is this future realistic? *shrug* I don’t know. I have theories, sure, but I don’t have a crystal ball. Well, I do, but it doesn’t work. *chuckle* I think that readers will enjoy seeing more and more of this setting, this time, as the series continues, and it’ll be fun to get to know the different characters and how they all interact to reshape a future we’ll never see. 

Delia: Who is your favorite character in the book? Did you model that character after anyone you know?
S.M Blooding: Cullie. He’s one of the two power houses that are pulling Becca’s strings. He’s the head Watcher, opposing the President. He’s such a…deep character and he has his hands in a lot of pots. I think the thing that really appeals to me is that he’s not a white knight. *shakes his head* He knows what needs to be done and he’s not afraid to do it, no matter how much blood gets on his hands. 

He has a few cameo appearances in this book, but later in the series, we’ll get to see him a bit better. For the most part, you get to see him through the actions of others, which is a very odd way to see a favorite character. He sure knows how to keep a plot churning, that’s for sure! 
As far as anyone I crafted him after? *grin* My dad. He’s the magician behind the curtain. He doesn’t like to take center stage, but he’s a natural leader because he sees people, but he also sees three or more steps further than that one person. He’s able to see how one person’s actions can domino to affect many. He’s the one who showed me the power of a single voice. 

Delia: What new books are on your TBR shelf?
S.M Blooding: OMW! There are just so many books!!! GADS! Well, for starters, there’s Cinder by Marissa Meyers, which is just a fun, fabulous read, Ripples by Candice Bundy, My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent, and I’m re-reading Runaway Choices by Eisley Jacobs. All great, great books! My TBR pile is taller than I am, really, but those are the ones I’m currently reading. LOL! 

Delia: How do you stay in touch with fans? Website? Blog? etc..
S.M Blooding: Well, it’s easy, really. If you want to find me, I’m SM Blooding everywhere!

Facebook: SM Blooding

Twitter: SMBlooding

Goodreads: S.M. Blooding

Delia: Do you have any advice for new authors?
S.M Blooding: The best piece of advice I have is the one we all hate to hear. Keep writing and don’t give up. 

It took me over seven years of serious writing and a lot of books to get here. Some of my first “serious” novels weren’t the greatest, but it’s neat to look through them and see how far I’ve come. Now, don’t get me wrong, I pounded my chest and swore by all things holy that each of book was a great story and a fantastic telling of it, but to be perfectly honest, I’ve grown. A lot! And I’m glad I waded through the 103 rejections (multiple books) to get here. I learned a lot more from my failures than I have through my successes. 

Don’t be afraid to fail. Just go out there and fail well. 

Delia: Just for fun…If you had to turn into one paranormal creature (just for the day) what would it be and why.
S.M Blooding: A dragon. I hear people are crunchy and taste good with ketchup. *chuckle* 

Wolf Majick Reviews would like to say a special thanks to S.M Blooding for stopping by today! Check out As Night Falls!

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