Friday, March 2, 2012

Interview with Harry Deshpande

Wolf Majick Reviews is hosting an interview with Harry Deshpande author of "The Homegrown" today. 

Delia: What prompted you to work on a story like The Homegrown?

Harry Deshpande: I have been reading about the homegrwon terrorist problem for a long time and really surprised to see that the Western World just does not get it. I had something to say about the problem and I thought why not present it as a fictional novel.

Delia: Was there a lot of research involved?

Harry Deshpande: Yes, I have been reading up on homgrown jihadists for a long time. I interacted with a few people who are inciting violence and tried to get to the root of the problem.

Delia: Were any of the characters (other than Bon Laden) modeled after real people?

Harry Deshpande: No, None of them (other than Laden) are real :)

Delia: Is there a certain message or meaning you hope your readers will understand after finishing?

Harry Deshpande: There is always a method behind madness. If one wants to solve the problem then one has to understand the method.

Delia: Have you traveled to any of the places you described?

Harry Deshpande: I did research a lot on these places. However, no I have not actually travelled there. I doubt whether it will safe for my health if I visit these places :)

Delia: Is there another novel in your future?

Harry Deshpande: I am writing a novel on Aryan supremacist.

Thank you Harry for a fantastic look into your novel!

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