Monday, March 25, 2013

The Hobbyist ~ Darryl Shelly

The HobbyistThe Hobbyist by Darryl Shelly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this novel for an honest review. Although the content is out of my usual scope I did enjoy it. It is not very often I read novels from the man's perspective, especially when that man is a confessed sex addict. 

Summary:The Hobbyist is a coming-of-age story masked as a sex addict's roller coaster. Based upon true events, the author authentically chronicles sexual awakening from a man's perspective as he pulls back the curtain, and with staggering honesty, invites you into his private world of decadence. Not to be confused with a book on recovery, this raucous account is a cautionary tale of heartbreak and hilarity as a young man rises to manhood and into the throes of full-blown, sexual addiction in New York City.

My Take:
The characters were well done and believable. The writing flowed nicely, making you feel as if you were hearing and witnessing someones confessions as apposed to reading a work of fiction. This is an intense personal story but not for the faint of heart, he is after all an addict. Sex or drugs, addiction is never something to be joked with. The novel helps the reader explore the seriousness of this particular addiction without the need of a quick fix solution. That I think is what makes it such a good story. The kind of unending realism we must all face when dealing with our own personal problems

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