Monday, May 21, 2012

NH Ren Faire

Well this weekend my son and I adventured to the New Hampshire Renaissance Faire. Lucky for me we live only five minutes from the fair grounds so it was a fun filled day without the grueling drive we usually make to King Richards Fair. 

Now for all of you who love to dress in garb and watch some comedy shows this was an excellent event. The prices were incredibly reasonable. The acts were great. 

There were even strolling musicians who did a fantastic job. Everyone was friendly and in good spirits even in the heat. My son really enjoyed all of the knights and pirates (even the zombie pirate and his pet dead rat) He even conned me into buying him some new "armor" which I got for only $12 :)

If you are looking for some affordable family fun next spring be sure to check out the NH Renaissance Faire. 

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