Friday, May 4, 2012

Elfbitten ~ Leila Bryce Sin

ElfbittenElfbitten by Leila Bryce Sin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If the cover didn't already clue you in this is an erotic paranormal romance. It starts out, and stays mostly, in a club. Now this club is more of a sex club where all kinds of paranormal creatures are enjoying themselves in full view of everyone else. If you are not into detail sex scenes then I would tell you to steer clear, because its truthfully 100 pages of sex scene.

Summary off Goodreads
Taryn Malloy is a Bright Elf, her magic lies within her blood and is fueled by sex and lust. Recovering from a horrible breakup from her long time boyfriend, Taryn is persuaded by her best friend, Roxy, to get out of bed and get on with her life. Taryn has let her magic diminish to a dangerous level and Roxy is determined to help her get over Cillian and she knows the best way to get over an elf is to get under another one. Roxy takes Taryn to a club that caters to the carnal desires of the supernatural community of their city. With elves, pixies, humans, fairies, vampires, lust, revenge and more, Taryn will recover from this breakup no matter what Roxy has to do

My take:
As far as erotic fiction goes, now mind you I haven't read that many, I think it was well done. The scenes flowed together well and you didn't get that feeling that the sex was pieced in. There was also an actual story line and although you didn't get the impression that the story was leading anywhere at least the characters had some depth and purpose.
I haven't decided if I will be checking out the next one yet, but if I see it pop up on sale I may just buy it.

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  1. I hate books were the sex is just random, and it's distasteful ;) thanks for the review!