Thursday, May 17, 2012

From the Ashes ~ Jeremy Burns

From the AshesFrom the Ashes by Jeremy Burns
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was lucky enough to score this novel as part of Jeremy Burns blog tour. He is a new author I think we will be hearing a lot about in the future.

A DEADLY CONSPIRACYGraduate students Jonathan and Michael Rickner, sons of eminent archeologist Sir William Rickner, are no strangers to historical mysteries and archeological adventures. But when Michael is discovered dead in his Washington, D.C. apartment, Jon refuses to believe the official ruling of suicide. Digging deeper into his brother's work, he discovers evidence that Michael was murdered to keep his dissertation research buried.A DEVASTATING NATIONAL SECRETJoined by Michael's fianc e Mara Ellison, Jon travels to New York where he uncovers the threads of a deadly Depression-era conspiracy - one entangling the Hoover Administration, the Rockefellers, and the rise of Nazi Germany - and the elite cadre of assassins that still guard its unspeakable secret.THE LABYRINTHINE PATH TO THE TRUTHFinding themselves in the crosshairs of the same men who killed Michael, Jon and Mara must navigate a complex web of historical cover-ups and modern-day subterfuge, outwitting and outrunning their all-powerful pursuers as they race through the monuments and museums of Manhattan in a labyrinthine treasure hunt to discover the last secret of John D. Rockefeller, Jr., before their enemies can bury the truth - and them - forever

My Take:

Intense from the start, Jeremy Burns keeps you guessing the whole time. I always enjoy a good conspiracy book and honestly think this one was done in an amazing fashion. Its always refreshing to read a novel that isn't afraid to push the limits, like killing off a few people right from the start. It gives you the feeling that no one is safe and that definitely adds to the intensity. 

If your looking for a book that will get your heart pumping then check out From the Ashes! I hope you can take a moment to check out my interview with Jeremy Burns

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