Saturday, February 16, 2013

Movie Review ~ Beautiful Creatures

Movie Review *some spoilers*

Beautiful Creatures
4 stars
Opening Dat Feb 14, 2013

Now let me start by saying I have not yet read the book this movie was based on. (Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia) For those of you that have I unfortunately can not compare the two. That being said I found this movie to be a lot of fun. I was actually able to convince my husband to take me for Valentines day.. Anyways for those of you who don't know the story follows a small town southern boy who falls for the mysterious new girl with a questionable past and even more questionable family ties.
What Ethan finds out is that sometimes the real world is even stranger than it seems! I found the romance between Ethan and Lena to be seemingly heartfelt. I enjoyed the whole PG-13 aspect of the movie, since Lena is supposed to be 15 and counting down the days to her 16th birthday. 
Emma Thompson did an exceptional job as Lena's evil mother and the annoying religious nutcase (Mrs. Lincoln/Sarafine)
I will say the dinner scene where Lena makes the room spin around seems less like an intense scene and more like the makings of a Disney ride. Other than that though I really enjoyed this one and may even pick up the book down the road, just so I can compare the two.

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