Saturday, February 2, 2013

2013 Paranormal Reading challenge

Hi Everyone! I've decided to take part in the 2013 Paranormal Reading challenge Hosted by
  Megan Likes Books and Auntie Spinelli Reads !

The goal is to read at least one book featuring each of the following paranormal creatures:
  • Vampires
  • Werewolves/Shifters
  • Fey
  • Angels/Nephilim
  • Mermaids
  • Dragons
  • Zombies
  • Demons
  • Witches/Wizards
  • Ghosts
  • Aliens
  • Other (ie: sirens, unicorns, centaurs, timetravel etc.)
Since I read mostly Paranormal books I'm hoping this one will be an easy one to complete :)

The Challenge runs from January 1st 2013 to December 31 2013 so there is still plenty of time to sign up.

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