Thursday, October 25, 2012

Witch Devotions ~ Elizabeth J Kolodziej

Witch Devotions ~ Elizabeth J Kolodziej

I was lucky enough to hook up with the author via a facebook group and was given the oppurtunity to 
review this novel.

With Trent gone, Faith, the last witch in the world, feels she can not go on without him. The pain grows so intense that she shuts out her friends and loved ones to be alone; unsure of what to think about the paranormal world anymore. However, on a trip to see Gordon she realizes what she can do to make the pain go away. A spell. 
But, the spell ends up back firing and Faith has now forgotten the past six months. All the memories of vampires, werewolves, and her magical training have vanished. And the first to find her is Louis who comes to whisk her away and change the course of her life forever.

Webs of lies and deceit have Faith feeling powerless and scared that when Louis gives her the option of becoming a slayer she takes it, hoping to get revenge on the race she believes stole the past six months of her life away. With the Goddess Circe interfering, Lilith still missing and Faith unable to remember Trent, no one knows what will happen next!

However, when a stranger enters her life bringing with him secrets to her missing memories, Faith can no longer trust those around her and must figure out for herself who is good and who is evil. The world of vampires and werewolves or that of slayers. The coin is still up in the air and Faith must make a choice of where her devotions lie. 

My Take:
This was a great addition to the series. Lately I find myself enjoying more novels with witches in them. Anyone who has been reading this blog for any length of time will know that I usually avoid "witch" stories.

I found Faith's struggle to be a very human one, with a magical twist of course. You can understand Faith's wish to forget all of the pain in her recent life. What she comes to learn though is that forgetting the past does not change it. Now Faith will have to face a future and dangers she won't even know are coming.

Fast moving and well written. This is a great series and totally worth the read.

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