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The Spellbround Bride ~ Theresa Meyers

The Spellbound BrideThe Spellbound Bride by Theresa Meyers
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I scored this novel on Amazon for free a few months ago and it has been sitting on my kindle ever since. Upon reading the product description I figured it would be worth a shot, and I was right. Even though The Spellbound Bride is not my usual read I found it thoroughly enjoyable.

Amazon Summary : Twice married, twice widowed and still a virgin, Sorcha MacIver is far from a merry widow. Her clan suspects her of using witchcraft in the deaths of her husbands and her latest father-in-law wants her burned at the stake. She has lived with the cruel and bitter fact that everyone she loves dies. As a child, her mother and siblings died in a fire. Her father fell to his death from the parapets of their keep. Now that she's been twice married and widowed within hours of her vows, she's convinced she's cursed. While Sorcha wants nothing to do with another relationship, her uncle, wanting to save himself-and her- from the taint of witchcraft, arranges for her to marry a mercenary with a reputation for cheating death. All Sorcha wants is for the mercenary to take her damnable virginity and leave, so that she can spare him from her deadly love.
A Mercenary already Damned
Ian Hunter is running out of time. He needs money fast to pay the taxes on his French inheritance. Without it, the property will revert to his older brother, who has already stolen Ian's bride, Mary. When Ian is offered a lucrative proposal, to marry the MacIver lass, no questions asked in exchange for the money he needs for the taxes, Ian leaps at the opportunity. At last he'll have what he needs, and means to begin a future away from Scotland...and his brother.
But when he discovers his wife is no witch, but rather the pawn in a deadly play for the throne of Scotland by King James' cousin, the Earl of Bothwell, he has no choice but to fight and save her from a vicious political game of death, deceit and power where witch-hunts are only the beginning.
What I thought...

The characters are very well done. You can easily feel the tension build between Ian and Sorcha. Ian starts out as an unlikely hero but works his way into your heart, and of course Sorcha's. Sorcha is easily lovable as she puts everyone else ahead of her own well being. I do have to say Sorcha's belief in the curse is at times mind boggling but due to the circumstances and time period it is easy enough to understand why she would believe in something like a curse.

I think Theresa Meyers did an excellent job weaving a story filled with political powers plays and personal vendettas. It is not often that a story without supernatural creatures holds my interest and this one certainly did. Every once in a while you just need to read a feel good, happy ending kind of story and this was a great one.

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