Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Moon Trilogy ~ C.L. Bevil

The Moon Trilogy by C.L. Bevil is composed of three separate novella's. Since I recommended them this week as freebies on Amazon I figured I should let you know what I thought of them. As a whole I enjoyed the trilogy. If you were to read them all together I would give them 3.5 stars. As individual Novellas my favorite was the last one because it really tied everything together.

So here's the rundown. In a world much like our own there is an organization set out to watch, and sometimes control, supernaturals. Some of theses supernaturals are actually from other worlds and travel here through portals. Others suffer from a sort of blood disease which causes them to be more than human.

The first book in the series is Black Moon. Black Moon follows Donovan a werejaguar and Isabella a librarian who works for the Committee as they try to get a deadly relic out of the clutches of some equally evil werewolves. Now lucky for Donovan and Isabella they find love along the way. As a stand alone this book was interesting. I enjoyed the world C.L. Bevil has created. Her characters live in an interesting world that is well crafted and believable. 

The second book in the series is Amber Moon. This time the Committee has sent two operatives to watch over an Elvish Prince whom may be hiding the second deadly artifact. This time we are treated to The land of Light and even get to meet some new creatures, like a shapeshifter with turns into a house cat.

The last book is Silver Moon. Now Silver Moon picks up a few months after Amber Moon with our old friends Jack and Asta back on the hunt for the moon artifacts. This one really ties the series together. We even get to see Donvan and Isabella once again.

I think it is worth noting again that I do love the world C.L Bevil has created. The characters are real, with flaws and problems. Their good shines through as well as their bad. I loved how each book was a piece of the puzzle and how well all three fit even though each focused on a different set of main characters. This is also the type of urban fantasy I truly enjoy. When it is set in a world like our own, with just a  little twist.

I'm hoping everyone took my suggestion and downloaded these from Amazon already but if not what are you waiting for?

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