Saturday, February 18, 2012

The next generation of paranormal lovers

   So this is slightly off topic but have you ever wondered how much your kids develop your likes and dislikes? Or at least learn from them? Around my house we watch a lot of sci-fi. All of the kids love Doctor Who and even enjoy a few other shows (though I have to fast forward through any scary parts) Anyways I never realized how much my almost 4 year old son might be learning just by hearing us talk until the other day.
   He was in the other room watching Power Rangers while my husband and I were catching up on a dvr'd episode of Grimm (three bad wolves). Towards the end of the episode this werewolf lady is attacking a pig guy (yeah if you don't watch Grimm I know it sounds odd) when I hear "Oh, she's a Bampire" from the hallway where my son is now standing. Now I don't like him watching anything so violent so I got up and then said. "No honey she's a werewolf." He looks at the screen and shaking his head at me says "no Mama, she's biting his neck, she's a Bampire) and walks away. 
   Sometimes kids say the funniest things!

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