Thursday, February 16, 2012


Alright well I've been home sick and so been surfing On Demand and came across Bedlam (BBC America). Now if your not into ghost stories this show is not going to be for you but I love a good scare now and then so I think its great.
Bedlam takes place at an old asylum in England that is being converted into luxury condos. The only problem is that some of the old inhabitants are still hanging around and making trouble for the living. Luckily for the new tenants they have their own resident ghost hunter to help.
As if angry ghosts wouldn't be bad enough to live with there seems to be something just as sinister going on, a string of missing girls which started in the 80's and seems to have restarted once again.
Now I know I may be biased since I love all things BBC but this show really gave me goosebumps! Totally worth watching in my opinion.

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