Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Homegrown ~ Harry Deshpande

The Homegrown ~ Harry Deshpande

Now let me start by saying this is my normal style to read, even so I like to
change it up now and again. With that in mind I was lucky enough to check out "The Homegrown"

The Homegrown follows a young man on a not so spectacular journey. It is a
peak into the life of a normal human being who, due to a strange chain of 
events, will give up everything he knows to an act of terror. It is hard for
Americans to understand how someone could do something so horrible and 
even after reading "The Homegrown" I can't even imagine it.

The story is written less like a novel and more like the journals of Anwar. There is enough conversation to keep the book moving well but I did have a few spots where it seemed the conversation was forced. This could very easily be because of the situation Anwar was in, in truth I think he may have felt like he was 
struggling for words.

Overall I thought the book was well done and so left me with a sick feeling. Its 
horrifying to see how easily the human mind can be manipulated. A few times I had to stop reading, like during an attack on NATO troops, because all I could 
think of were my many friends in the military who are currently overseas. I
think it is a sign of a good story when it can bring out such emotion in its 

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