Monday, September 10, 2012

Guest Post by Jill James

Wolf Majick Reviews would like to  thank author Jill James for stopping by and saring for us her insight in regards to the shape shifters in her novel, Dangerous Shift......

I wanted my shapeshifters to be a little different. I love wolf shifters, jungle cat shifters, I saw a book recently with a horse shifter, all kinds of shifters are great. So, I wrote my shifters to gender-shift. Men are told to embrace their feminine side. Women are told to act like a lady, but think like a man. What is that were possible? What if you could embrace the yin and yang of your body and mind?
In an early rendition of my chapter one I had a great line from the Captain of the Shapeshifter Task Force. He is the only human in an office of shapeshifters and he doesn’t hide his bigotry.

Original beginning to Dangerous Shift - 2007 - Jill James

“Damn loser recruit,” Captain Connors muttered, as he sweltered in the alleyway, forced to endure the scents of week-old Chow Mein coming from the Dumpster he leaned against. 
A mingled odor of sweet citrus and coconut strong enough to turn his stomach overpowered even the stench of the restaurant refuse surrounding him as the hairs rose on his arms.  It was one of them, had to be. Shapeshifters were the only species to give off that cloying scent only a recruiter could detect.  He inhaled the rancid fumes rising from the pavement to clear the oversweet smell from his nostrils.
Connors stayed leaning, body tense, as a gorgeous blonde strolled into the cramped, trash-filled alley like it was a neighborhood park at lunchtime.  Shifter females were breath-taking, making you want, until you remembered what they were and worried about going to bed with Sue Ann and waking up with Jim Bob.  He pushed out from the metal at his back, spit on the ground, and thought for the umpteenth time, God, he hated when they were female
He inhaled deeply of her Shifter scent, verifying she was what she appeared to be and said, “Nick or Nikki?”
She reached up and grasped her breasts in two overflowing handfuls, looking him straight in the eye as she uttered in sultry tones, “It seems it is Nikki today.”
His breath caught in a gasp as she reached down and grabbed her crotch, his gaze forced to follow. 
“Definitely Nikki.”
Readers loved the interaction but there was some confusion of how he could be the hero (he isn’t) and hate her scent so much, so I rewrote the beginning with the hero and heroine meeting but left in their human captain’s prejudices and misunderstandings of the Shapeshifter race.

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