Monday, September 24, 2012

Carnevale ~ Rivka Spicer

4.5 stars

Well here it is! I was so excited to get get this book that I pretty much shelved everything else so I could read it! Let me tell you it was fabulous. Spicer pics the story up about a year after 


Summary: Hurt and betrayed by the man she loved, Oceana has left the vampires behind and returned to her old life. 

A year on, and still unable to forgive Tristan for his misdeeds, she is in no mood to help out when his family arrive on her doorstep begging for her help. But when the price for making a stand is the death of a man she holds dear, she is once again sucked unwillingly into the politics of vampire kind.

With the French threatening to annexe Britain and her powers spiralling wildly out of control, Oceana knows she has to risk it all. There is no room for error in the sprawling political mess and the smallest mistake will cost her her life.

My Take: 

Wow what can I say. I love Oceana, she is a powerful character. Sadly I read a fair amount of books with weeping violets instead of strong backboned main characters. Oceana isn't a woman hoping for a man to save her. She is someone hell bent on doing what is right and just. Even when that means putting her own personal comfort and wishes to the side.

This new chapter in her story shows us just how powerful she has become and hints towards even more power in the future. I did find it saddening to realize Tristans intentions for his death and Oceana's pregnancy may not have been as noble as we thought. In truth that seems more in character but it dosen't help the hurt Oceana feels when she finds out a year later that he lied to her even in death.

Will's character goes through a fair amount of emotional back flips as the story goes on. He does manage to prove that even the undead can be both loyal and noble. Raising the child of his maker and his wife has to be tough but he seems to do it with great joy and care.

As for our newest "friend" from France.. Alderic is everything you would think undead royalty would be. He loves his fancy outfits and balls as well as his beautiful courtesans. I was happy to see he was as charming as he was powerful. His charm and humor make his character far more enjoyable to read and I look forward to seeing him in Oceana's future adventures.

Overall this, like Masquerade, was a must read. Rivka Spicer has the uncanny ability to create characters that stay with you long after the book is finished!

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