Monday, January 30, 2012

Free on Amazon Today

Alright people so I have found yet another great ebook you can download for free.
Scott Nicholson's set called Odd Stacks.


Amazon Description;
"Nobody thrills like Nicholson does. Nobody." - J.A. Konrath, THE LIST

ODD STACKS is the complete text of three story collections covering fantasy, science fiction, zombie, and paranormal tales. A total of 36 stories originally published in professional magazines and anthologies such as Writers of the Future, The Third Alternative, Spacesuits and Sixguns, Black October, and more. The box set of 136,000 words also includes three essays and a comic script.

Scott Nicholson is the international bestselling author of 15 novels, six screenplays, four children’s books, and four comic book series, as well as 80 short stories. His novels include LIQUID FEAR, CHRONIC FEAR, THE HARVEST, AS I DIE LYING, THE RED CHURCH, DISINTEGRATION, and more. Send your questions to his Amazon Author Central page by clicking on his name below the book title at the top of the page, or visit him at

Guest contributors include Jack Kilborn, Jonathan Maberry, and Joe McKinney.

Look for the other Kindle box sets in the series, MAD STACKS and BAD STACKS, to complete your Nicholson story collection!

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