Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ready to Die ~ Lisa Jackson

Ready to Die (To Die, #5)Ready to Die by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It looks like I missed a book in this series, book 4 I think because this one picks up after Alvarez is back to duty from a shooting.

Sheriff Dan Grayson lies near death after a shooting, and the police department of Grizzly Falls, Montana, is in shock. Alvarez, torn between a new relationship and her loyalty to Grayson, works with Pescoli to whittle down the list of suspects. The deeper they go, the more personal and dangerous the case becomes. Then a prominent judge's body is found and the killer sends a sinister warning to the press: "Who's Next?"

My Take:
 I do enjoy Lisa jackson as a writer. Her characters are clever and have depth. Even some secondary characters have back stories. The only trouble with this particular series is that its book five and so this is the fifth serial killer in a relatively small town. If I lived around there I think I'd move, and fast. I did have a question in regards to a timeline issue. I'm wondering if anyone else picked that up? The nieces are only eight but Dan's ex's daughter is a teen?
Looking past that it was a good book. Fast paced with a twist ending if you enjoy shows like Law and Order you will enjoy this series for sure.

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