Monday, February 16, 2015

Netflix Movie Review : Stonehearst Asylum

Stonehearst Asylum

4 Stars

A recent medical school grad who takes a position at a mental institution soon finds himself taken with one of his colleagues -- though he has no initial idea of a recent, horrifying staffing change.

My take:
This movie was based on a short story written by Edgar Allen Poe called The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Feather. Originally names Eliza Graves the story follows a young Doctor who comes to finish his practical work at a famous countryside Asylum. Once there he is instantly attracted to the beautiful Mrs Graves. True to any Poe story it was filled with twists and turns. Some expected and some very surprising. This was a fun and fast paced movie with exceptional actors. Its worth the red box fee but now since its on Netflix you can probably watch it for free.

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