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Indie Author Showcase Aderyn Wood

Its that time again! This week Wolf Majick Reviews would like to welcome Aderyn Wood. 

Aderyn Wood is the author of the Novella The Viscounts Son and the Novel The Borderlands. We met through the fantastic world of social media and I am so excited to introduce her to all of you.


WMR: First off could you explain to our readers a little about the “worlds” you have created?
Sure! And thanks for the opportunity, Delia.

'The Viscount's Son' was my first publication. It is a paranormal fantasy set in our world and features a (drum roll...) vampire. All authors who write vampire fiction bring their own set of 'rules' and mythology associated with it. I've created my vampire mythology based on more traditional stories, particularly 'Dracula', so it's quite a dark world at times. I am currently writing the sequel called, 'The Earl's Daughter' and I am reading a lot on vampire lore again to make the world as interesting as possible.

'The Borderlands: Journey' is my most recent release and is the first book of a trilogy. It is a contemporary fantasy set in our world but there is a link to another more mystical world - the Borderlands. This world is very much an invention of my imagination, but the mythology is based heavily on the Scottish folklore of the Seelie and Unseelie courts. In other words, fairies.

WMR: Is there anything you hope readers will take away from your work?
I always love reading fantasy that has surprises and a great sense of mystery. I hope readers find a little bit of unpredictable twists and turns in my stories. 

WMR: How long have you been writing?
I've always written short stories and poems. But, I've been writing novels for about five years now. 

WMR: Do you have a favorite character to right?
In 'The Viscount's Son' I had to write from the perspective of the two main characters, Emma and Nathaniel. Emma was very much the modern day woman - educated, passionate about her career and open to love. She finds an old mysterious diary and decided to translate it on her blog. The diary was written by Nathaniel in the 16th century. I loved writing these characters because it challenged me to switch so dramatically from one gender to another, but also different times periods. It was challenging but very rewarding to write. 

WMR: What about the hardest character?
The most difficult character I've written so far is actually the protagonist in 'The Borderlands', Dale. Dale is a 16 year old girl who struggles to feel a sense of belonging in both her family and school. She has only one true friend who is an old homeless man called Gareth. It was a struggle to get the balance right with Dale. It was important that readers felt sympathy for her rather than seeing her as complaining too much. This balance was hard to achieve but I think I got there at the end. 

WMR: Where can readers find more information about you and your books?
I have a blog -
and it has a page about my fiction -
I also have an author page at Goodreads -

WMR:Do you have any suggestion for aspiring writers?
Yeah. Stop aspiring and just write already ;) I was always telling people that I wanted to write. One day a very good friend told me that I needed to stop talking about it and just do it! I am so grateful to her for her honesty. The only difference between writers and aspiring writers is that writers write - every day if possible. 

WMR: What is the hardest thing about being a new author?
It is very difficult to start out when you're an 'unknown'. It takes time to build a platform and a fan base. It's also very easy to let self doubt over rule your thinking. I talk to my partner about it and he tells me how every time he read one of my books he can't put it down, then he tells me to hurry up and keep writing. Having someone to support you during those darker moments is a wonderful thing.
Author Bio -

Aderyn Wood has published a novella, ‘The Viscount’s Son’ and a novel, ‘The Borderlands: Journey.’ Both are the first of a trilogy. She will release her third publication later in the year. Aderyn lives in a small cottage in the country with her number one beta reader – her partner Peter. Aside from writing and reading she enjoys managing her small herd of chickens and ducks.

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