Monday, November 25, 2013

Catching Fire Review

I guess I am like the majority of the book reading world in my love for The Hunger Games series. So of course I made it to opening day of the first movie, and as many of you know it was amazing. This time around I went in hoping for the next installment, Catching Fire, to at least live up to the initial movie, if not to the book itself. 

I have to tell you this one was an amazing movie. The entire first half was even more emotional than the book, if that is even possible. There were of course deviations from the book but that is to be expected and none really bothered me. Ok maybe all the kissing of Gale, but other than that nothing bothered me. 

The costumes and sets were fantastic, since I saw it in IMAX all of the explosions really rocked the theater. I was initially unsure about some of the casting for past Victors but all of the actors did an exceptional job and really owned their characters.

Even if you didn't read the books this was an excellent movie, although the ending may leave you a little surprised. This is one movie that worth the cash to see in the theater !

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