Monday, August 26, 2013

To Have & To Hold ~ Mackenzie Lucas

To Have & To HoldTo Have & To Hold by Mackenzie Lucas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This one was a netgalley find and a nice change of pace from all of the Nephilim books I have been reading. It is also the first book I have encountered which is about a Dragon mage, who I have gathered is able to weild magic and change into a dragon. I would think this kind of shifter would have it tough in modern days. Sure you can pretend your wolf husband is an oversized dog but how do you hide a dragon?
I guess the key is to be really rich and own enough land that no one can see you stretching your wings!
American-born heiress Cate Cooper would never have believed her sexy, stalwart English husband Grayson could be a monster of epic proportions until he shifts into a fire-breathing dragon right in front of her eyes. After several near-miss encounters with the dragon who almost kills her, Cate traps the beast using her own magickal skills as a spellcaster and an enchanted chatelaine left to her by her grandparents. Her husband has one year to battle the dragon within before she gives up on him for good. Too bad her besieged heart doesn’t agree this is the best plan of action. Cate embarks on a journey of discovery where she must learn that sometimes what you see is not what you get and monsters come in far worse forms than fire-breathing dragons.

My Take:
Anyways this story focuses on a Dragon Mage who is a very late bloomer. So late in fact he has no ability to control himself and almost kills his poof wife in the process. Lucky for him she has a little magic of her own and enough money to keep him locked up safe for a year while he tries to get a handle on himself.
It all goes pear shaped when after a steamy sex scene his wife decides to high tail it home to America. With a tiny bit of mystery and interesting characters this one was worth the read. I am ready to learn more about the powers of a Dragon Mage and find out who's behind all of the trouble.

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